Made in Switzerland

Welcome to Mana

A new senior living experience

Enjoy your own apartment, share beautiful communal spaces, and connect with great people at daily events, with everything delivered through thoughtful hospitality designed for living well.

Tree lined property hidden slightly by pine tree in the foreground
Long kitchen, dining area with full length windows to the right of the shot. Large dining table is situated on the right of the image with a marble bar on the left of the shot running the full length of the kitchen. A flat screen tv is hung on the wall at the far end of the image.

From the concierge service to the curated cultural experiences and extra support down the line, everything at Mana is taken care of within a supportive, like-minded community. Our building in Switzerland is the first of a planned international network, each of them in prime locations embedded in the local neighbourhood.

Retirement, Reimagined.

While life expectancy and health expectancy are going up, quality of life isn’t keeping up.

We want to change that.

Goodbye Work. Hello Life.

We’re redesigning senior living by creating vibrant, connected spaces where everyone feels at welcome and able to live their best life. Saying goodbye to work should be a chance to do more, experience more, and socialise more. To celebrate life and explore new aspects of it. At Mana, you can do exactly that.

Image of beautiful property gardens with tree lined mountains in the background
An entirely new kind
of senior living community

The Mana experience

Beanbags infront of a swimming pool in the gardens of a beautiful country property

This is living-as-a-service on a whole new level. Mana’s considered residential spaces offer all you need to make the most of life, in highly desirable locations.


Aerial photograph of European city. Includes several grand spires and older buildings with a river running through the centre of the image from left to right

We partner with a wide range of real estate companies and independent brands to bring Mana to life. Find out more about the collaborations that make Mana special.

Senior living-as-a-service.
Beautifully Managed

For individuals or couples, Mana offers a welcoming community tailor made to keep your quality of life as high as it should be.

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