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About Mana

Redesigning the senior living experience

We are shaping a new category of senior living, one focused on community, longevity, and fulfilment. By leveraging unique expertise in hospitality, design, and wellbeing, we’re on a mission to rethink the later living experience one neighbour at a time.

The front of a beautiful white mansion property flanked by hedges
Our Vision

A global network of intergenerational coliving hubs that bring together residents, members and neighbours to create a community centred on belonging

By creating exceptional mixed-use living spaces and experiences, we want to be at the forefront of a wider culture shift – one that invites all of society to rethink what it values and how we connect with each other across generations. We believe everyone can live well by design.

Long kitchen, dining area with full length windows to the right of the shot. Large dining table is situated on the right of the image with a marble bar on the left of the shot running the full length of the kitchen. A flat screen tv is hung on the wall at the far end of the image.

Our Concept

Mana offer concierge-led senior living spaces which prioritise wellbeing and community and increase quality of life.

Our Mission
Build the intergenerational living experience of the future: simple, beautiful, and community focused.

We are building a new category of intergenerational living. So we do things differently. We see ourselves as place-shapers, and change makers. We challenge societal norms and reject the status quo. We have the talent, creativity and drive to make people think and feel differently about people and places through bold storytelling, effortless hospitality, and thoughtful community programming. This is the Mana way.

High exposure shot of European terrace buildings and their windows.
Studio shot photograph of living room style furniture. Including orange comfy single seater sofa, small circular wall hung mirror and several plants and stylish lighting fixtures surrounding.
Here’s how we see the world.

Too many of us experience loneliness later in life, and struggle to stay connected to the wider world. We’re changing that.

Limited living options and societal stigma mean that many of us spend our later years doing less.

Too many of us are lonely and unfulfilled. It affects our health and our happiness. There’s a social disconnect, and its growing. Younger generations engage the least with those who have learned the most. Who have the most to give. At Mana we’re dedicated to closing that gap, so multi-generations can live their lives to the fullest and make the most out of every day.

Getting to know you


We’ve taken care to personalise our service. The better we know you, the more we can tailor your experience at Mana to what you want. We’re here to remove barriers and empower you in living your way, every day.

Trendy living room space with green sofa and wrap around bay window.
Who is Mana for?
Mana premium retirement apartments are designed for the retired and semi-retired: people from their mid-fifties right up to 100+.

Our communities are diverse – that’s what makes them interesting, authentic and rewarding to be part of. Through a premium residential experience and curated community programming, they provide individuals and couples the space, support and social environment they need to spend more time doing the things that fulfil them.

The Mana experience

Dining room area with large illustrated painting hung in the image background. Furniture consists of wooden backed chairs and large dining table.

This is living-as-a-service on a whole new level. Mana’s considered residential spaces offer all you need to make the most of life, in highly desirable locations.


Photograph of a sunny day in a European city. Image of terraces and greenery during the daytime.

We partner with a wide range of real estate companies and independent brands to bring Mana to life. Find out more about the collaborations that make Mana special.