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The Mana concept relies on a certain kind of building in a certain kind of place. We’re always on the lookout for partners who can help us identify and create them.

From building owners to real estate agents and private equity funds, if you think you’re a good fit for Mana, we’d love to hear from you.

Focus shot of European terrace frontage.

Headquartered out of Zug, Switzerland, our long term goal is to build a global network of Mana premium co-living residences all offering the same beautifully designed rental spaces with elevated services, wellbeing amenities, and curated community programming.

Scope to create

50 – 150


Bohemian, green, organic living space with comfy pink muted single seater sofa, green textured carpets and mint walls. Furniture includes: large lamp and lampshade on the left of shot with plants, a shelving unit with various different ornaments and an abstract orange painting hung on the far wall.

5,000 — 15,000m2

real estate

Bright reception room area with a full height window on the right overlooking a city scape. White single seater chairs and a leather sofa face the window.

The kind of building we are looking for

The perfect Mana site will offer 5k -15km2 of real estate with the scope to create 50-150 rental apartments, so hotels, hostels, or residential mixed-use buildings are ideal. Existing amenities such as a pool, gym, or bar is preferred and parking is desirable but not essential.

European terraces elevation photograph

How we can partner with you


We are happy to consider acquisition of new and existing assets in a variety of ways, from direct purchase and lease agreements, to management agreements, or revenue share agreements.

The Ideal ‘Mana’ Location

At present we are mainly targeting cities across Europe, but that search will broaden before too long. Cities currently being targeted include Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, Bern in Switzerland, and London in the UK.

The perfect Mana location will be an affluent neighbourhoods that is well-located in both city and suburban locations (urban or coastal), with a population of 20,000 or more within a 5km radius.
We want locations that are vibrant and multigenerational with strong open-market rental values (1-2 beds at CHF 2K +) and good public transport links nearby. Immediate surroundings must be accessible, with short, level-walking distance to high-quality shops and amenities and ready access to green open space.

Who we partner with

To help us do it we are searching for established, progressive brands in the following spaces who can help us find and develop the right kind of real estate:

Institutional owners

REITs/property companies

Entrepreneurial developers

Hotel owners

Boutique & family office firms


Private equity funds

We are well capitalised and have the backing of some of Switzerland’s leading investors, so if you have a strong proposal we can get the ball rolling quickly.

About Us

Soft furnished bedroom space. A large bed to the left of shot with white sheets is surrounded by various trendy wall mounted art pieces.

We’re on a mission to change the way everyone thinks about and experiences senior living. Find out more about us and our vision.

Our Residents Experience

Well lit living, dining room area with a focus of a yellow velvet sofa in the centre of the image.

We partner with a wide range of real estate companies and independent brands to bring Mana to life. Find out more about the collaborations that make Mana special.