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A new senior living experience

An international hospitality concept that provides serviced living on a whole new level

Our buildings are designed for diverse experiences. Our amenity spaces, including a communal dining room, lounge, gym, library, and cinema room, have been conceived to be versatile and adaptable, so the community can reimagine them for a range of events and experiences – all managed by your friendly 24-hour concierge.

A photography of a stylish living room space with sideboard shot head-on. A large circular mirror is hung above the sideboard on the mint coloured wall.
Bohemian style living room with a dark wooden sideboard as the image focus. A green sofa is just out of shot to the left of the image.

Mana enables you to live life on your terms. From curated community programming and activities to on demand services. You can spend more time doing the things that matter most

If you’re feeling active, you could do a session at the gym or meet friends in the park before lunch. If not, just hang out in peace. The Mana lounge is always bustling, and you can catch a film or a talk in the event space. The restaurant menu is always changing. It’s entirely up to you. Be as sociable or private as you want.

The product experience

Mana residences are split into three main zones: residential apartments, spaces dedicated to wellbeing and health, and open ground floor spaces embedded in the local neighbourhood.

Residential Spaces

Thoughtfully designed apartments strike the perfect balance between form and function. A space in which you can relax, unwind, and live on your terms. So you have peace and convenience, a readymade community, a bustling neighbourhood on your doorstep, and all your cleaning and utilities taken care of.

European terraces elevation photograph
Running and cycling machines in a well lit gym space.

Communal spaces

From shared lounges and wellbeing amenities, to communal gardens and gyms – Mana activates these spaces with thoughtful community programming and events that bring neighbours together to connect, learn, and grow.

A Neighbourhood space

Mana residences are grounded in the local area, so the groundfloor spaces make it easy to welcome in guests or step out into the neighbourhood. From artisan bakeries, to vibrant florists and boutique restaurants – the perfect space to connect with others.

Full Timers.
Part Timers.
Day Trippers.

Full-time Residents

We have 70 rental apartments available for those who would like to be a full-time member of the Mana community. Suitable for couples and those living on their own, each space comes with all utilities, cleaning and community programming included

Day Pass

If you’re paying a resident a visit or want access to the wellbeing amenities or community activities, day passes are available all week round.

Year’s membership

You can drop in any time with a subscription to the Mana Members’ Club. Membership gives you open access to all the Mana facilities, so you can join community events and feel a true sense of belonging.

Attention to detail

Good design matters. It can impact our mood, how we interact, and the ways we connect with the natural world. We’ve taken care to design spaces that will nourish and reward, inviting discovery as well as escape.

In short, it’s designed around you.


Where is Mana?


The first Mana site is still undecided as we are speaking to property owners in a range of locations. We expect that it will be in Switzerland (Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, or Bern) or London.

Who is it for?


Mana offers a range of residential accommodation for those who are semi- or fully-retired. If you want to live somewhere that has a strong focus on community and wellbeing, in a vibrant neighbourhood, and ready access to stimulating discussions and events as you age – with all utilities and amenities included – then it is for you.

Can I move in with someone else?


Apartments are designed for couples and individuals, though couples don’t have to be in a relationship. You can adapt your contract to allow a friend to join you long-term at any time. We can also welcome your pets. Pet owners will all have apartments in proximity to each other, to create a little considerate distance for those who aren’t animal lovers or who suffer allergies.

How much does Mana membership cost?


We cater to a range of budgets through our different membership options. Further information on our current price list can be requested from one of our team by getting in touch.

Can I have guests over?


Your apartment is your home so you can welcome guests in whenever you like, just as with any private residence. If you wish for your guests to eat at Mana or use any of the facilities you will need to order a day pass which can be arranged through your Mana concierge.

What support is there for my health?


We understand that everyone has different health needs, and that these may well change over time. Local GP and pharmacy will be within walking distance, with prescription deliveries available on request. Ongoing provision for specific health needs is also available on-demand by our healthcare partner

Are amenities included?


As a resident you will have full access to all our amenities including: 24 hour concierge, members club, restaurant, gym, wellness areas and private offices. Day and monthly passes are also available.

Do I have to pay a deposit?


Payments for residency at Mana are processed like most private rental accommodation. Deposits of three month’s rent are taken before you move in, and returned within two weeks of moving out as long as all contract terms are satisfied.

How safe is Mana?


We’ve made sure Mana buildings are extremely safe for you and your guests. From staff training, to our concierge oversight, and entry/exit buzzers, your safety and security are prioritised at all times.

About Us

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We’re on a mission to change the way everyone thinks about and experiences senior living. Find out more about us and our vision.


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We partner with a wide range of real estate companies and independent brands to bring Mana to life. Find out more about the collaborations that make Mana special.